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with artwork by :
Tara DePorte 

            from : 
           one paw press

Ode to Aphrodite


Auroral immortal Aphrodite,

child of God, artful weaver, I beg you,

O my Queen, neither with ache nor anguish 

conquer my spirit!


But come to me—come to me now!

Once, long ago, you heard my cry from afar,

and from the golden house of your father

you came to me,


swift and beautiful astride your chariot

down to our dark world, escorted by sparrows

with fast-fluttering wings whirling round

in the heaven-heat of summer. 


Swiftly they came; and you, o blessed one,

your undying face smiling,

asked me: ‘Why yet again are you suffering?

Why yet again have you called me?


What most of all did I desire for myself 

in my passion-heated heart?

Who, this time, am I to persuade 

to love you? Who wrongs you, Sappho?


If she flees, soon she shall pursue you. 

If she refuses your gifts, soon she shall 

give them. And if she does not love you, 

soon she shall love you even if she resists.


Come to me now and free me 

from my delirious agony.

Fulfil what my heart desires 

and be my ally in the wrestle of love.